Negative thinking

Clearing Out Those Emotional Closets

I spend a lot of time working with people and their clutter, actually, that is my full-time job as a Profesional Organizer and Life Coach.  As an organizer, I work with people to get their homes organized.   As a life coach, I spend  time helping people work through their mind clutter to get them …

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It’s Constant

The word “constant” has been creeping up in my vocabulary a lot lately.  Talking to mothers about motherhood….it’s constant.  Talking to wives about marriage……it’s constant.  Talking to people about work…….it’s constant.  Talking to people about relationships…….it’s constant.  Talking to people about bill paying…’s constant.  Talking to people about staying organized…….it’s constant.  Talking to people about …

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Do You Have A Baseline?

I was in a meeting about Social Media the other day and the speaker was talking about having a baseline, starting that day, I needed to write down and know how many Twitter followers do I have, how many people like my Facebook pages and how many Blog followers do I have. Knowing these numbers …

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Organizing Crap

Ok.  I know.  Not sure I should have used that title but I just couldn’t come up with a more appropriate word.  Not sure what that says about my vocabulary but there it is.  As a professional organizer I spend a lot of time talking to people about their clutter.  We go through all the …

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