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10 Ways to Use Evernote

Evernote is one of my favorite paper buster tools.  When I use Evernote, I don’t have a bunch of sticky notes sitting around.  I don’t have notes written on little pieces of paper and best of all, I don’t have to remember where I put those pieces of paper!The information I have stored in Evernote

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10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

My job, as an organizer and a life coach, is to help people simplify and de-clutter physically, mentally and spiritually.  Here are some of the consistent messages I give to my clients. 1.  Buy purposefully. 2.  Shop at home first. 3.  Be willing to let go.4.  Do what you already know to do.5.  Just say

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How to Donate/Recycle Old VHS Tapes

                        (photo courtesy of anankkml/ VHS tapes, like all electronics are going the way of the dinosaur. What is the best way to donate/recycle these dinosaurs? Here are several ideas that might help you. 1. Some Thrift stores are still taking VHS tapes…..most libraries are

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You Always Have Time…..

When we look at our daily life. the quote, in the photo above, says a lot and can strike a chord in many of us, Can you list the things that you say you don’t have time to do?  ExercisingEating RightSpending time with our friends, family or spouseGetting organizedI am not judging or condemning anyone because

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Finding Clarity in the Clutter

Clarity in Clutter???? How can anyone see or feel anything but overwhelm and a mess when they look at clutter??Going through the de-clutter process can be very freeing.  It is like a physical weight has been lifted off your body.  While you go through your clutter, piece by piece, bit by bit, you become very

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Seasons…..A Time For Everything

Yesterday, while talking with my sister-in-law, I was reminded of this verse.  What a great verse to remind us all that there are seasons of life and that we cannot stay in one season of life forever.We all grow older and can’t stay young forever. We all have very hard seasons of life that we go

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The Real Truth About Organizing

I am a Certified Professional Organizer.  Here are some truths about me. 1.   My house is lived in.  Real life people live here so real life needs to happen here.2.   I have a few stacks…..stacks of books, stacks of paper, and a pile of shoes.3.   I have mismatched, handwritten file folders4.   I

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Eating the Elephant – How to De-Clutter Your Space and Your Mind

The thought of de-cluttering leaves many people totally paralyzed and totally overwhelmed. I have many clients, surrounded by clutter, physical clutter and emotional clutter, initially incapable of attacking the piles, stacks, worries and problems.   One of the first steps I take, when working with a client, is to break things down into smaller sizes.  I

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